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Utiliquest interview questions for General interview:
- Was there a person in your career who really made a difference?
- What techniques and tools do you use to keep yourself organized?
- Tell about a problem that you solved in a unique or unusual way.
- What irritates you about other people?
- Time when you made a suggestion to improve the work.
- Examples of strategic thinking in past situations.

Be sure that you refer to something that was beyond your control. The best strategy for effectively answering this tough interview question is to prepare for it. Make sure you're well prepared for this question as you won't likely get a second chance to really shine. No matter the question, applicants should provide positive, result-oriented responses. Be yourself. Don't pretend to be somebody else. The interviewers want to know the real you, the potential candidate they may accept in.

Utiliquest interview questions for Face to Face interview:
- Why should Utiliquest hire you?
- When you are not studying or working, what types of activities do you enjoy?
- Has anything ever irritated you about people you've worked with?
- How would you describe your presentation style?
- How would you decide on your objectives?
- What were your starting and final levels of compensation?

Don't feel too much pressure as you have been asked many strict questions that you are unable to answer well. By the conclusion of the interview, state that you are definitely interested in the position and would like to know when the next step will take place. Know the qualifications and requirements of the job and be prepared to show why you are the best match for the position. Give several reasons and include skills, experience and interest. Maintain a smile on your face. Don't look so serious.

Utiliquest interview questions for Structured job interview:
- Which subjects did you enjoy during your qualifying degree?
- Why did you decide to pursue your career at Utiliquest?
- What is your personal mission statement?
- Tell about a problem that you solved in a unique or unusual way.
- How will your greatest strength help you perform?
- Tell me about how you worked effectively under pressure.
- What was your best learning experience?

Utiliquest interview questions for Case job interview:
- Do you find your job exciting or boring?
- Do you think you are overqualified for this position?
- What is your greatest fear?
- What's the best movie you've seen in the last year?
- Do you work well under pressure?
- Describe a situation in which you had to collect information.
- What's your salary history?

Utiliquest interview questions for Phone interview:
- Time when you had to make an important decision.
- Tell me about how you worked effectively under pressure.
- Are you willing to work overtime at Utiliquest?
- Who else have you applied to/got interviews with?
- Did you have faults as a leader? Describe the situation.
- What is a typical career path in this job function?

Difficult Utiliquest interview questions:
- How do you maintain a positive discussion?
- How do you communicate goals to subordinates?
- Describe your ideal job at Utiliquest.
- What will you miss about your present or last job?
- What is your usual role in a team?
- Could you describe a difficult problem and how you dealt with it?

Keep your answer simple, direct and positive. The most important tip is that you have get yourself prepared carefully before the behavioral interview. Think of actual examples you can use to describe your skills. Don't reference previous job problems or differences with management that caused you to leave.
You need to have a short statement prepared in your mind.

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