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lululemon interview questions


lululemon interview questions

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lululemon interview questions for General interview:
- What was the most stressful situation you have facedas?
- What parts of your education do you see as relevant to this position?
- Would you rather write a report or give it verbally?
- Example of adaptation to changes and the difficulties.
- When you are not studying or working, what types of activities do you enjoy?
- What are you most proud of?

How to answer these lululemon interview questions: Limit your answer to your career background and experience. Nevertheless, knowing to listen is important, too. You must know when to be a talker and when to be a listener. Note down your answers. These may be useful later if the interviewers wish to confirm any answer with you as they forget or wish to discuss more.
Think carefully before answering lululemon interview questions. Select and determine which the most suitable answer to give is.
Answer all lululemon interview questions honestly and stay focused throughout the hiring process.

lululemon interview questions for Face to Face interview:
- What percentage of your time is spent doing each function?
- How do you communicate goals to subordinates?
- If you worked for lululemon, what are you doing?
- Have you found any ways to make job easier?
- Did you have faults as a leader? Describe the situation.
- Describe a time you were faced with stresses which tested your coping skills.

lululemon interview questions for Structured job interview:
- Do you have the qualities and skills necessary to succeed in your career?
- What do you do when your schedule is interrupted? How you handle it.
- Describe a difficult work project and how you overcame it.
- What five words would be describe you?
- What have you done to contribute toward a teamwork environment?
- What kinds of things really get your excited?

lululemon interview questions for Case job interview:
- Did you ever postpone making a decision?
- Give an example of risk that you had to take. Why did you decide to take the risk?
- Has anything ever irritated you about people you've worked with?
- Tell about a problem that you solved in a unique or unusual way.
- Tell about a time that you had to adapt to a difficult situation.
- Describe some ideas that were implemented.
- Have you found any ways to make job easier?

Never say specific things, going for descriptions to the minute details.
It is meant to see whether or not you'll speak poorly of an employer. Be prepared for this question. The interviewer will be able to sense very quickly if you're be disingenuous. Think twice before answering. Answer lululemon interview questions honestly and with a positive spin.

lululemon interview questions for Phone interview:
- How would you describe the experience of working at lululemon?
- What is good customer service?
- Why do you want to work for lululemon?
- Time when you had to make an important decision.
- Describe a decision you made that was unpopular.
- What can you do for lululemon that other candidates cant?

Difficult lululemon interview questions:
- What are your career plans at lululemon?
- What kinds of situations do you find most stressful?
- How do you handle stress and pressure?
- Does your work relate to any experiences or studies you had in college?
- What motivates you to work at lululemon?
- What is your usual role in a team?

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